4 Important Chess Weapons

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The goal of any chess game is basically to move your pieces in a strategic move, giving you a chance to finally eliminate your opponents’ king. This chase can take a long time and in the process you will need to know what weapons will help you get rid of his/ her king. With this weapon or methods in mind you can successfully win the game.

A complicated yet sure way is by use of the weapon known as the back rank mate. As you play the game, your opponent will always make sure his King is guarded well. Therefore as you move your pieces, your aim should be to reach a point where you can to get rid of that guard. When your opponent notices that you want to eliminate his kings’ guard he will think of a move to eliminate your piece and keep his King safe. Since you know that this will be his move, you should have a back up idea which should involve getting rid of that same piece used against yours. The only thing he will do is to surrender to your checkmate declaration.

Pin and fork is another weapon that can be used to give you a win in chess. This method requires you to corner two of your opponents’ pieces at the same time. Therefore you will have to carefully analyze each of your opponents’ moves to be able to place him in a fix without him realizing. Since chess players are always alert, this can be challenging for beginners. When using this weapon, every move you make should be spontaneous while keeping in mind that when an opening arises do not hesitate to declare check.

Skewer is a word often associated with barbeque on a stick. In chess it means that there is a line of important pieces and you can easily trap them all. Play the game in a way that will force your opponent to position his king ahead of his queen. In this way you will say check and you opponent will do everything to get his king out of harm’s way forgetting that the queen in right behind in the line of attack.

Turning away also known as deflection is another great chess weapon. As you play the game your opponent will have a guard for every important piece like the King. Since you are aware of this, you should play your game in a way that will force your opponents guard to move or deflect away from that protective position. This will leave the king susceptible to any attack you that make and give you a better chance of winning the game.

Mastering deflection, skewer, pin and fork or bank rank mate does not take one game. you will have to practice this over many games to come out as an expert. This is because cornering your opponents’ piece is not easy to do without him aware. Therefore just like any game put these weapons to practice.

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