5 Top Beginner Chess Tips

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As a beginner in chess, you may be confused by all the rules and piece values that you forget which moves or tips to keep in mind. Chess is a game of strategy and you need some beginner tips to kick start your game with.

When playing chess, to be on the top of the game you need to know the motive behind your opponents every move. Ask yourself why is he moving to that side? What piece is he trying to attack or eliminate? After eliminating my pawn what does he benefit? These are some of the few questions that you need to ask yourself and find answers. When you find the answer you can then think of your own move to make. When he threatens your knight he might be trying to get to your king, therefore put up a strong defense force. As a beginner thinking ahead of your opponent will get you far because as you play the game, two people are involved and thinking only about yourself will land in a disaster.

When playing, you are not supposed to overthink about your opponents move. I say this because there are times when you will play against a good opponent. Since your mind knows that he is well acquainted with the game and knows many strategies you focus a lot of his moves. Due to fear, you start thinking that every move he makes is to attack you. When he moves a pawn you spend so much time analyzing why he only moved a pawn and as a result time is lost. Find your balance between thinking ahead of your opponent and playing without fear of your opponent.

When your opponent eliminates your key piece do not spend time worrying or thinking that you will eventually lose. Remember when you mentally give up on a game, your thoughts and clouded and you are not in a position to spot an opening out of the dilemma. Since your opponent at this time expects you to have lost hope, prove him wrong. Pick yourself up, fight on and since your opponent does not expect his he will most likely make a mistake too.

As a beginner you find yourself spending so much time deciding where to move to. For every one move you will take almost 5minutes waiting to spot the perfect place. You have to realize that in chess sometimes there is just no perfect spot. To keep moving as a good pace try to move to a less preferred spot or safe spot. While you opponent decides on where to move, you can use this time to think of another better space to move to.

As you play chess, use something called X-ray vision. This basically means that you look at the chess board be able to easily spot traps or potential moves. Have the ability to see the whole game as you look at the board to avoid getting surprise check or checkmate moves.

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