The Picasso’s of Chess Boards: 10 of The Best

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These are not your usual Chess Boards.

Chess is a timeless game.  A game of kings.  Each of the following sets offers a distinct and exceptional look to chess.  Playing on the same generic chess board over and over again can get boring rather quickly.  Listed below are ten chess boards so unique, that any player, novice or expert, will enjoy playing on them.  Due to the various styles, one may now get a board that suits their lifestyle perfectly.

1. The Colorful Board

The vibrant rainbow colored glass pieces are accompanied with an attractive mirrored glass board.  The varied colors will either be clear or frosted finish.  Many different eye popping colors of the pieces for this set will add color to any drab environment.


2. Simpsons Board and Pieces

Big and detailed painted chess pieces make these Simpsons characters very recognizable in this particular set.   Homer is the King, Bart represents the pawns, and Grandpa Simpson is the Rook.  Finally, get your opponent to say, “D’oh,” when you win by checkmate.   This set is definitely made exclusively for the Simpson fanatic.


3. Dog Chess Board

This chess set is for the avid dog lover—a wonderfully designed set showcasing the loyal domestic animal.  All the pieces in this set are of Man’s best friend, now immortalized in a chess board.  Definitely for those who love dogs more than cats.  Woof.


4. Norwegian Chess Board

This beautiful chess set contains attractive wooden playing pieces where each side is hand carved from either oak or pine.   The pieces are heavy enough to avoid them toppling over during the game.  Another benefit of this chess set is that each one is one of a kind.


5. Expressive Chess Board

Finally a set designed for all of the logophiles out there.  This chess set will make the perfect gift for anyone who likes the “literal” aspect of the game.  Some sets pieces out there are difficult telling which one the Bishop is and which one the Queen piece is for the game.  For this set, all of the pieces are spelled out informing the player which piece is which.


6. Old Style English Chess Board

For hundreds of years, chess players have played chess to represent their personal favorite military units.  Many chess sets are available showing off the different armies.  The Egyptians vs. the Romans, England vs. France, and there is even a “U.S. Civil War” set available.  With this ceramic chess set, the Cold War is back.  Players can either play on the side of Communism with such pieces resembling Castro and Putin, or play for the side of freedom with pieces representing the free World.


7. Edible Chess Pieces  Chess Board

Chess has the reputation of not being the most action packed game out there, but now one can add some more fun to the game.   Players are now involved in making the chess pieces out of their favorite sugar filled snack.  These pieces shown look more or less like remnants from the yellow marshmallow peeps candies that were left over from last Easter.  However, the pieces can be made out of chocolate, hard candy or any other food to tackle one’s sweet tooth.   The bright side is that as you play, you can eat the pieces you take over.


8. Creative Chess Board

An attractive, but avant-garde looking chess set.   This modern looking set is ideal for those who keep a modern lifestyle in their home.  However, this Creative Chess Board does remind one what would happen if IKEA started selling chess sets.


9. Apartheid Chess Board

The oppressed black people against the white supremists. The King on the black side is actually Nelson Mandela, next to his queen (at the time) Winnie Mandela..


10. Last but not least one of our favorites “Shot Glass Chess Board”

This particular chess set adds a definite twist to the game where players now can drink their way to victory.  The pieces are of various sizes of shot glasses.  Do you want a game of Whiskey vs. Tequila?  Vodka vs. Scotch?   The choices are as vast as your liquor cabinet.  No matter who wins or who loses, players are bound to have a great time playing!



  1. john says:

    The Lego chess board is the coolest chess bored IMO… I don’t have a picture.

  2. SA'n says:

    The gangster set, is actually the battle against apartheid in South Africa, its the oppressed black people against the white supremists. The King on the black side is actually Nelson Mandela, next to his queen (at the time) Winnie Mandela.

  3. lc232 says:

    i like # 10, but i’m wondering if the goal is to win the game or to get drunk first…..

  4. Allen McGrath says:

    Can’t help but point out that numbers 3, 7, 9, 10 are definitely set up incorrectly. A white square sohuld always be on the right hand side of the player (“white on right”). Number 8 is incorrect, if you assume yellow is used as the white player.

  5. Peter says:

    It is not a Gangster Style chess board but rather the 2 sides illustrating the early 90’s South African political landscape. Note Bishop Desmond Tutu as the bishop, nice touch.

  6. croom says:

    You forgot the D and D chess board.

  7. Russ says:

    Uh, you do realise that #9 isn’t a ‘gangsta’ board, it’s an Apartheid board? And the black side king isn’t a pimp, it’s Nelson Mandela?

  8. jiltin says:

    Amazing. Great Boards!! I would like have the first one. Let me know where can I get similar ones if it is on sale/auction..etc

  9. Jeffrey says:

    Even though i’m not a chess player, i really do like those boards, no one ever show me how to.

  10. mikey says:

    Is the Expressive (spelled out) board available for purchase anywhere? Or is that just a one-off deal?

  11. ChessTeacher says:

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. At the time I published it I wasn’t able to edit it due to the supercache issue.

    Sorry once again..

  12. foobar says:

    Hey, number 4 was in Broken Sword I, in the De Vasconcellos mausoleum!

  13. Ali King says:

    You should add the Bauhaus chess set – it’s a beautiful, simple design:

  14. Qg4 says:

    The “Expressive” chess set are actually the Lewis Chessmen.
    One of the oldest known sets of occidental origin. They were probably made in Norway.

  15. Jenn Chmura says:

    Where can I purchase one of the Norwegian Chess Boards?

  16. says:

    You will have to do a search. I think you will have to get it made.


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