5 Ways Of Playing Safe In Chess

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Chess is a game of attack or eliminate your opponents’ most important pieces on the board. This can scare a beginner because it will seem like every move is basically to get him/her out of the game. Despite the fact that this may be true, chess is also a game that eventually changes your outlook in life. Expert players say that chess has improved the way they handle sticky situations in life. This is happens because they have learnt ways of playing it safe when facing tough situations. Let me show you some safe way of playing chess.

As you play chess, you will get so many chances to trade your pieces for your opponents’ men or pieces. Just like any trade, the trader wants to get something that is valuable and will help him in the long run. Since the value of a queen in 9, this is what most players would want to trade anything for. Your opponent is very aware of this fact and will do everything to protect the queen from attacks. Therefore look at your stand in the game, if you feel that your pieces are in good position then you will not need to trade.

Keep in mind all the values of each piece on the board. This will help you when knowing which piece to trade and also which one to protect. If your players or pieces add up to a bigger figure than your opponents then you have an advantage. A knight and bishop are equivalent to three pawns each. Remember the knight has an advantage because it can jump over all other pieces. A rook is equivalent to 5 pawns can be subdued by both the knight and bishop. The queen who is worth 9 pawns is the most valuable.

Keep your king in a safe position by castling early enough. Never forget that the game usually ends with the king in a fixed position and therefore you should always have your eyes on him. After castling do not move your pawn too far away from king because they are his guard and you will be cornered if they are far off.

As a beginner, you have to keep a fast pace by moving your pieces without delay. When you move them fast you will be the one in control of the whole game. Your opponents moves will be based on your move and this will give you an advantage. Do no fear to let out your bishops, Knight and rooks early in the game, remember they can easily move forward. Use your pawns to protect the knights, rooks, and all other pieces.

Take control of the center part of the chess board. This most coveted position also gives you control of the overall game. You have the privilege of moving easily moving on your opponents’ side and attacking his king. If your knight is at the center he has the ability to move to eight squares while your opponents on the side move only two.

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