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Lessons for life in the game of chess

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I came across an interesting sentence that made me ponder a lot. Playing chess is one of the most invigorating exercises to the mind that not only helps one refresh physically and mentally, but also paves for enhancing the quality of life in many ways. After reading this sentence, I was a little perplexed and at the same time little surprised. How can a game played for killing time or for relaxation can help in enriching the quality of life – my inquisitive mind questioned and the result is this article.

We all know and accept that indulging in some sort of physical activity or sports activities can help a person keep his body in a fit condition and proper shape for a considerable amount of time even if one retires from the sports activity or physical exercises.

As a chess player or ardent lover of chess, we also know that chess is a thinking game and also a fair game in that there is no room for chance or luck whatsoever. The outcome of the game is entirely in your own hand. The fair outcome of the game is only a Draw and winning over the opponent is nothing but an accident caused as a result of the opponent’s mistake and exploited by you.

Moving away from the concept of chess for a while and thinking about ourselves or our life, let us try to find answer for a simple question – what is life? Is it a science or an art? The body which we have in which our soul resides can be explained in a scientific manner to a great extent, thanks to the advancement of medical sciences. Body and life are not one and the same. Though not trying to sound philosophical, it is but true that the body is only a carrier of the soul and not the soul itself. The soul or the life is not scientific in any feasible way. How one leads a life, though bestowed with the same basic capabilities as any other person next door, is an art in itself, and you are the designer of your art or life. It might sound a bit vague to start with, but introspection would help you get the point clear I believe. Life is a bit of science and a bit of art and the right blend of the two defines one‘s success in life.

Now, coming back to the game of chess, there is a specific set of rigid rules that one needs to follow in the game. There are only 64 squares in the board, of which 32 squares are already occupied by the pieces at the start of the game. A number of theories, combinations, variations, openings are there to help a player in the game. In spite of all the proven methods and combinations at the disposal, why one finds the game fascinating enough to play again and again and get different results each time. I feel that here comes the role of art in the game of chess. While the rigid rules, combinations, proven opening theories and such other things can be roughly compared to the science of the game, the execution part is an art.
The game of chess is also a bit of science and a bit of art – is it not.

It is in this context that I find some similarities between the life and the chess game. Chess is nothing but a miniature of life. May be that is the reason this game of chess withstood the travails of time and technology and will be there as long as one derives inspiration for life from the game of chess.

The game of chess, as a thinking game, requires concentration, attention, intuition, planning, execution, defense and patience. These are some of the traits that a person does need in his life to weather the day-to-day challenges in life.

As such, playing chess helps a person develop these invaluable traits that will help in enhancing the quality of life.

Playing chess means involving two people as well as an ideal time and place. In this fast-paced world, there is not much possibility of matching all the three at once and then playing chess. Online chess is the answer as people, separated by distance, can be found in the Internet at your convenient time. So free time can be effectively spent on the computer playing online chess with players like you might be the answer to enrich one’s life. Ponder over the same and Prosper in your quality of life.

Surefire Reasons Why You Should Play Chess

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Are you wondering why there are a lot of people who love playing chess? You might probably ask, what is in chess that makes these people fascinated with it. To make everything clear to you, below are the many reasons why people including yourself should play chess.

Chess is the game of individuals from all walks of like. Anyone of any age can learn how to play this game. Compare to other sports, there is no need to retire in chess.

Chess enhances memory. The theory of chess is complex and majority of players learn various opening variations. Also, you will learn different patterns and memorize extensive variations.

Chess develops concentration. When playing the game you concentrate on mainly one objective and that is to checkmate and win the game.

Chess enhances logical thinking. This game needs some knowledge of logical tactic. You are able to learn how to create techniques in order to secure you king. Although it is inevitable to make mistakes with chess, still it is comparable to life as it offers a continuous learning process.

Chess improves creativity and imagination. It motivates a person to be imaginative. There are indistinct quantities of pleasing combinations that are until now needed to be created.

Chess encourages independence. A person playing the chess is forced to crate significant decisions manipulated merely by his or her own opinion.

Chess improves the ability to foretell and anticipate consequences of any action. It will instruct you to consider both ways before doing any decision.

Chess arouses self-motivation. It promotes the search for the finest move, the greatest plan, the most pleasing continuation beyond nonstop possibilities. It persuades the endless objective towards improvement, always searching for ways to light the fire of victory.

Chess enhances academic performance and grades. Many studies have shown evidences that kids get a greater reading level, math level and a higher learning capability in general because of playing chess. For all of the reasons already mentioned above, kids playing chess perform well at school and thus have greater opportunity to be successful in his or her life.

Chess introduces you to the world. You don’t have to a top ranked chess player to join huge important competitions. Tournaments like the World Open and US Open receive players of different levels of strength. This game will offer you a lot of chances to travel not just your country but the entire world. The game is a universal language. Many people speak its language and you can communicate with them through the checkered plain.

Chess gives the chances of meeting interesting individuals. You can able to make long-term friendships with individuals you meet up with chess.

Chess is affordable. You do not necessarily need an expensive equipment to play this game. In fact, you might just need your computer. Also, it is great to play chess set with your family at home.

Chess is a total fun! This is not a simple board game. Every chess game is unique as you need to make a lot of new ideas for every game. It definitely never gets dull.

Therefore, to make this short, chess is a lot of things!