7 ways chess is beneficial to your mind

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1. Improving memory

Chess players will always strive to improve their games so that they can win more games. This incentive of satisfaction in working out a win provides an urge to learn the opening theories, the variations, tactics in middle game, end game theories and so on. Through your effort to memorize such things, you will find an improvement in your memory. Like body muscles, memory also needs exercise to develop. Playing chess automatically provides this exercise. The improved memory has another positive effect. It helps to guard against the onset of Alzheimer’s disease that tends to affect a good number of people at their old age.

2. Improving concentration

The very nature of chess requires a player to concentrate on his own moves and his opponent’s. This continues from move to move and you try to be alert so that you do not make a wrong move or fall into some trap laid by the opponent. This type of focused thinking helps the concentration power of your mind.

3. Stoking imagination and creativity

Because of continued research by experts to find the best openings for both the players, you will often find the same set of initial moves. But have you ever found any research on the best set of middle game moves? No, because the possibilities are so numerous that no one can foresee how the game will move. In middle game, you are on your own and you see the complex positions in your own way. You also try to visualize the position after your own set of planned moves and the opponent’s expected responses. Thus, you get to be creative and your imagination provides the lead. Your ability in other fields gets a boost through the development of these aspects of your mind.

4. Developing logical thinking

In chess, neither you nor your opponent makes a move randomly. Each has certain plans and ideas, and moves are made to give shape to it. This is an automatic logical process and over a time, this kind of thinking becomes a habit in your other activities also.

5. Building self-confidence

When you are playing, you are the master of your decisions as there is nobody else to help you out. You take those decisions after analyzing the game situations to the best of your capability. This builds up the mental strength to take decisions in other situations in life and that develops your self-confidence also. Even when you lose games, you will not get deterred if you are in the habit of post-play analysis to find out where you went wrong and this knowledge will add to your confidence.

6. Improving ability to plan

In chess, you are always planning your actions and trying to foresee what results will be achieved through those actions. This planning ability will soon become your second nature.

7. Improving overall mental abilities

Any chess game will try your patience and nerves and test your will-power to prevail upon your opponent. Your mind will benefit from these demands of the game.

If you are a chess enthusiast and play games regularly, you will get not only the above benefits but also many others if you think about it.