The Value Of Chess Pieces

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In the game of chess, it develops by players exchanging pieces on the board depending on the type of move executed by either side. For example, you might move a piece of queen, and your opponent moves to capture your king. One tactic that comes in handy when playing a game of chess is that more valuable pieces such as the king and queen should be guarded as they hold a higher value than other pieces in the collection.

When considering executing a move, one of the factors to consider is how valuable is the piece you want to capture, you should look out if there are pieces available with higher value for capture and go for these instead. By conquering more of valuable pieces, you get the advantage of having more material and a significant edge over your opponent.

As you move in towards your enemy, a good strategy is to make moves that give you a chance to attack and capture more of your opponent’s pieces, while minimizing this from taking place on your side. The type of piece to capture is important as each has a significant value to the game and the more valuable pieces you capture, the higher the chances of you calling for a checkmate.

The king is the most valuable piece in the game of chess. You can never exchange the king for another piece. Its value is infinite. Therefore, while executing your game this piece should be the most guarded and using it wisely can give you an early win. In case the king is captured, this is considered as a checkmate and the game is over.

The queen has a significant amount of value and is second to the king. One queen is equivalent to 9 pawns. It is also equivalent to two rooks. Another benefit of the queen is that it is a long range piece and can move in either direction. Guard your queen well; also use the piece to carry out multiple attacks on your opponent’s pieces when the chance opens.

Rooks are also valuable. A single rook is equivalent to 5 pawns; they are worth slightly less than two minor pieces. They symbolize chariots and can be used in fortifying one’s pieces. In the game of chess, they are the pieces that look like a mobile building.

The bishops and the knight make up the minor pieces; either one of this piece is equivalent to three pawns. The knights are the pieces that have a similarity to the horse
The bishops carry a symbolism of bishops and they are the pieces that have a tall hat. In the game of chess, their look has seen a significant amount of change over the years. There are other collections of chess that gives the bishops a higher value than the knights.

Pawns make up the majority of pieces in the game of chess. They are considered to have a basic value of one and they are used to give significance and value to other pieces in the game.

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