Chess Problems: a challenge (in a lighter vein)!

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Chess problems as appearing in newspapers, magazines, books etc. are generally composed by experts to highlight certain chess tactics, though situations from actual play are also used sometimes if they serve to exemplify those tactics. Some of these problems specify the number of moves in which the player with the move has to mate the opposite King (these types are designated as ‘Chess Problems’), while others simply say that White (or Black) to play and win (these types are correctly known as ‘Chess Studies’). Many beginners find it difficult to solve these problems, especially the latter type, as they find these too complex to find the starting move and to analyze all the possibilities!

With a view to alleviate the pessimism of such beginners, we give below a composition where White has to play and win and challenge any beginner to claim that he was NOT able to solve it!

a pseudo-problem

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